Open Sailing

Open sailing does not have a host member for Wednesday, September 10.
Juan World (SJ21) is in the shop for fiberglass repair. Mojo (SJ21) and Valkyrie (SJ21) are available as are all of the small boats.
The Tweety (Ranger 20) and the Catalina 22 are in the water.
Please remember the large boats must be reserved in advance, remove rudders after use. Check boat availability on the "Events and Reservations" page calendar.

Club Boats

The Ranger is in the water and available, San Juan 21 is in the shop for repairs. Large boats must be reserved by e-mail to mail(at sign) or call or text to Jimmy Martin at 360-five three six 1 zero 0ne 4 or Russ at 860-three six one six. Small boats are available first come first serve.
Please complete the boat use log in the boat shed. Boat use requires skill certification, membership and four hours participation in club activities. Sail at your own risk. Report any damage or other problems with boats, better yet, fix it yourself.
We do not rent boats or offer memberships with boat use to short term visitors. This is a volunteer organization and we do not have the resources to make special arrangements.

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